U12 World Challenge 2017

The U12 World Challenge invites the best teams from Europe, Asia, and North America to compete in Japan. 

The tournament is scheduled for August 24 - 27th in Tokyo, Japan.


HONDA ESTILO will host a U-12 World Challenge Final in Tokyo, Japan as well as a USA Qualifier Tournament in San Bernardino, CA. The winner of the USA qualifier will receive an, *all expenses, paid trip to Japan and a spot in the World Challenge Final. 

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In 2016, the tournament included FC Barcelona, Manchester City, RCD Espanol, J-League Youth Academies, U-12 Vietnam National Team, U-12 Tokyo, and top ranked regional clubs.  FC Barcelona defeated Omiya Ardija to win the 2016 final.

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SOLTILO (the youth soccer programs run by Honda Estilo) will make an All-Star Team for the World Challenge Final in Japan. This team will combine the best players from all the different SOLTILO teams/schools around the world.

U-12 SOLTILO FC Los Angeles players will have an opportunity to be selected for the All-Star Team and represent us at the World Challenge Final in Japan. Players chosen for the SOLTILO All-Stars will receive an, *all expenses, paid trip to Japan.


* All expenses = Round trip air travel & hotel accommodations.